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Hello I’m” Guañá “, I usually stay at the Abama beach, if you listen to me I’m saying my name all the time. I love Tenerife, I fly by the mountain and by the sea; now I am the ambassador of this cool Kids Camp; were you will learn and enjoy as much as I do daily. Flying I discover the wonderful Teide volcano, which I will show you, as well as the magnetic properties. The stars, from this island, are seen in a spectacular way, I will show you the constellations and how solar system works. I also love their people, culture and celebrations, you will see how fun we will have playing outdoors, discovering new talents and learning about values. We will do a thousand science experiments and try to take care of our health and the environment. For that, I need your help: Who wants to be the captain of this adventure of fun, imagination and learning? You are more than welcome to a new flight: Your flight is our flight!!!



Daily program of recreational and educational activities, in our incredible natural environment, specially designed by teachers, environmental educators and sports instructors, and directed to children from 4 to 14 years old.

When our little explorers want to be part of our fun Kids Camp they will get a backpack and their explorer card.

Come to visit us and we will inform you of all our activities. Visiting hours and bookings are every day from 8.30 to 9.30 a.m., from 11:00 to 11:30 a.m. and from 3:30 to 4:00 p.m. (except excursion days). During all the other activities, the visits will not be accepted, because they disturb the normal running of the activities.

Pre-booking is essential in order to enjoy our activities.

The prices of the activities will change according hours and packages you can choose in our Abama Kids Camp. There is a possibility of lunch and dinner (according to occupancy period). We offer mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks (no extra charge)

Fun and learning are insured


Programa diario de actividades lúdico-educativas, en nuestro increíble entorno natural, diseñadas especialmente por maestros, educadores medioambientales y monitores deportivos, y dirigidas a niños de 4 a 14 años.

Cuando nuestros pequeños exploradores quieran formar parte de nuestro divertido Kids Camp obtendrán una mochila y su carné de explorador.

Ven a visitarnos y te informamos de todas nuestras actividades. Las horas de visita y reservas son cada día de 8:30 a 9:30, de 11:00 a 11:30 y de 15:30 a 16:00 (excepto los días de excursión). Durante el resto de actividades no serán aceptadas las visitas, puesto que disturban el normal funcionamiento de las actividades.

Es imprescindible reserva previa para poder disfrutar de nuestras actividades.

Los precios de las actividades variarán en función de las horas y paquetes que elija tener en nuestro Abama kids Camp. Hay posibilidad de comidas y cenas (según periodo de ocupación). Ofrecemos snacks de media mañana y de media tarde (sin coste adicional)

 La diversión y el aprendizaje están asegurados.


Knowledge & Culture

Activities related to the environment on the vacation place. To give us knowledge about the place, its customs and its flora and fauna.

Healthy life & Enviroment

Activities helping the youngest to opt for a healthier life.


Activities in which outdoor play and physical activity are the protagonists.


Construction activities and crafts in which they can create real works of art, which in turn, will be unforgettable memories of their holidays.


Science activities related with the environment in which they are.


They will let out the talent they have: dance, theatre, drawing, Magic, ….


Group activities, the games are cooperative that will help them to work values and conflict resolution.


Very attractive recreational and educational activities carried out outside the hotel complex.

More Surprises!

When our little explorers are completing the activities of the different colours, they will get stamps on their explorer card. Once they have completed two stamps of the same colour, they will get a Super Explorer badge and once all the insignias are obtained, they will get a fantastic gift.