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Las Terrazas de Abama bets on 'kilometer zero' feeding, Las Terrazas de Abama Hotel

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Las Terrazas de Abama bets on 'kilometer zero' feeding, Las Terrazas de Abama Hotel

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Las Terrazas de Abama bets on 'kilometer zero' feeding

August 16 2020
In Las Terrazas de Abama

What characterizes the so-called 'kilometer zero' foods? The main quality is that they are produced and consumed within a radius of no more than 100 kilometers, in their preparation no chemicals are added and their transportation is done with the maximum care and protection of the environment.

This is the philosophy of the gourmet store at the 5-star resort Las Terrazas de Abama, a gastronomic space that was born to meet the needs of the guests of its 151 exclusive residences, all of which have their own kitchen, and which has gradually shaped its offer to support local farmers and manufacturers, as an example of its commitment to sustainability.

The beautifully decorated establishment, which is open to the general public, offers a wide variety of handcrafted and country products, as well as a delicious bakery and pastry menu.

"The truth is that in recent months we have strengthened ties with local producers," says Ángela García Carrasco, director of Las Terrazas de Abama. "With this small store of products of the earth, our concern was to promote among the travelers who visit us and our local customers a progressive change towards healthy eating habits, discovering for them new organic and ecological products, and emphasizing our concern for the sustainability of the planet," she stresses.

The products from the 'gourmet shop' at Las Terrazas de Abama are divided between local, national and a selection of imported products, but they are always natural and at the right price. "We wanted to organize our store as a large pantry, and in fact the interior design is very careful so that everything is in view. On the counters and shelves you can see fresh and packaged products, sausages, jams, chocolates and chocolates, wines, beers and spirits from the land ... even a range of 'beauty care' aloe vera, all to promote a healthy lifestyle, "says García Carrasco. The store also offers a pack of essentials with products you may need in a hotel.

Las Terrazas de Abama also has two restaurant establishments on its premises: the Melvin by Martín Berasategui and the 'pool bar Las Terrazas', which also brings this philosophy to its kitchens.



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