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Kids Camp Hotel Las Terrazas de Abama auf Teneriffa

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Kids Camp Hotel Las Terrazas de Abama

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Kids Camp Terrazas de Abama Guía de Isora

Ein Ort zum Träumen, zum Vergnügen, zum Lernen und um einmalige Erlebnisse zu machen. Das Kids Camp ist speziell dafür gestaltet, dass Kinder Werte kennenlernen und ihre Kreativität üben. Wir machen Ausflüge, bieten gemeinsame Erlebnisse, Workshops, Spiele, sportliche Aktivitäten usw. Bei uns sind Ihre Kinder jederzeit gut aufgehoben. Wenn sie lächeln, sind wir alle glücklich.

Hello, I’m” Guañá “, I usually stay at the Abama beach, if you listen to me I’m saying my name all the time. I love Tenerife, I fly by the mountain and by the sea; now I am the ambassador of this cool Kids Camp; where you will learn and enjoy as much as I do daily. Flying I discover the wonderful Teide volcano, which I will show you, as well as the magnetic properties. The stars, from this island, are seen in a spectacular way, I will show you the constellations and how the solar system works. I also love their people, culture, and celebrations, you will see how fun we will have playing outdoors, discovering new talents and learning about values. We will do a thousand science experiments and try to take care of our health and the environment. For that, I need your help: Who wants to be the captain of this adventure of fun, imagination, and learning? You are more than welcome to a new flight: Your flight is our flight!!!

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